It’s a sight you only see in the movies. People enjoying a lazy Saturday experienced a wake-up call they’ll never forget: a small plane crashing into a house in Haddam.

The chilling incident was caught on video, too.


Thankfully, only the pilot, 46-year-old Benjamin Temple, sustained injuries and is expected to survive.  He was airlifted to the hospital via LifeStar where officials say he will make a full recovery.

Witnesses told WTNH that the aircraft appeared doomed from the get go.  It started to have trouble since take off at Goodspeed Airport,which is right across the river from the house.  People say the plane rapidly lost altitude and started to spin, which many thought was a stunt.  However, when the aircraft disappeared behind the tree line, it was obvious what had happened.

People immediately rushed to help, like U.S. Coast Guard veteran, Joe Smith.  They climbed onto the roof and pried the pilot from the wreck.

The owner of the home, located on Little Meadow Road, was watching TV at the time of the collision.  Norman Hanenbaum said he first thought a tree had fallen on his roof because he didn’t hear the plane at all.  He says he’s lucky he’s alive because he was sitting three to four feet away from where the ceiling caved in.

Oh, how I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Hanenbaum reports this to his insurance.

The impact also took down several power lines, which interrupted service for nearly 300 people in the immediate area.  Eversource says they restored power around 6pm.

It is unknown what has caused the crash, but another witness, Herb Gross, says the plane had a very close-call a few weeks prior.

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