Normally when I see Kickstarter campaigns, I think they’re stupid.  Truth be told, when I heard about this Milford, Connecticut based one, I thought the same.  Houses for cats?  Who wants that?

I do.  Actually, I think a lot of people will.

Now, I’m not a cat person- but if I had a cat, I would think it’s cruel and unusual punishment to dress it in ugly cat-sweaters but I would want the next best thing…  Inappropriate silly houses for my furry friend.  The good people at PB&J Design figured it out.  They’ve designed sturdy cardboard houses that your cat can chill in.  Genius.  Cats love boxes.  Owners love ridiculous houses.  Mix the two together and you have “Meowses”.

So far they have two designs, the Catnip Dispensary and the Milk Bar.  Dan DiSorbo, one of the creators, says “We made these especially for our little party animals”.  You can check out the website at  Their goal was to create something that was fun, affordable, and for the cat and the cat owner.  Priced at about $25 each, this will provide endless amusement for people looking to take Instagram pics of their cats on “High St” outside of the Catnip Dispensary.  The creators have started a Kickstarter campaign in hopes to raise $25,000 for this project.  They have set a deadline to fund it by November 19th.

As a random side note, these guys know what they’re doing.  They’re the same guys behind The Book of Beer Pong which is considered the Beer Pong Bible.  Apparently they know a ton about beer… and cats.  Yet again, this falls under “Why didn’t I think of this?”.  If they can get this Kickstarter off the ground, they have plans for more cat houses (aka Meowses) that include a hunting lodge and a fit club.  Get excited.

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