CT BOOM Investigates: The Dew Drop Inn, Derby.

CT BOOM Investigates: The Dew Drop Inn, Derby.
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Connecticut is a big state. There are SO MANY bars, restaurant, and just things in general to explore. It’s so easy to get caught in a rut of going to the exact same places every weekend. You get into a comfort zone and it can be tough to break out if it.

But when you do, you really get to discover some interesting, sometimes awesome, sometimes not so awesome, places.

We are always open to suggestions for any places you want to send us that we haven’t been yet. We are always up for adventures! Always. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

One place we have been hearing a lot about is the Dew Drop Inn in Derby. So we went to find out what all the buzz was about.


Day One at Dew Drop Inn: Lunchtime Grilled Cheesy Burger and Cajun Butter Wings. I sat down with owner Jay Carlucci and his wife Kenna, aka the coolest couple on earth.  Jay bought the Dew Drop Inn about seven years ago, and from my time with them that first lunch—it’s obvious that people come in not just because of the amazing food, great beer and drink selection but also because of the warm and fun company! It was a great time chatting with Jay, Kenna and their lunch regulars who were quick to share a story of their fun times at their fav hang while stuffing my face with the massive grilled cheesy burger which was cradled by a bun made of……GRILLED CHEESE! And because I was on the quest to test out the theory that the Dew Drop Inn has the best wings, I couldn’t leave without trying a wing. The hardest part was deciding which of the million flavors (including Taco, Kick Ass Bayou, and Peanut Butter and Jelly) to order.  So, Jay brought me out the super popular Cajun Chili Butter wings. Kenna and bartender Sarrah also brought me a few different dipping sauces like the cucumber wasabi. Wow. Wow. WOW!!! So, duh, I had to come back for more. Sidenote—the burger was huge and needed to take the rest home. It still was tasty cold and hours later in case you’re a left-overs lover like I am.


Day Two at Dew Drop Inn: This time I went with friends Begley and Meghan. We went on Thursday night—Steak Night (only $11.95). The place was bumping and full of energy. First order of business was choosing which of the twenty craft beers to order first.  Stone IPA for them and the gals behind the bar suggested a Shipyard Applehead wheat ale for me (an apple a day….)


If you ever come across something so nutty on a menu like Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings with FLUFF for dipping—you have to try them! YOLO right? So, we did, along with the Cajun Chili Butter (yes again, because they are so damn good) and the Kick Ass Bayou wings.  All three were crispy, flavorful, unique and plentiful.

Round two–it was steak night, so Begley got the steak which came with mashed potatoes and the biggest carrots you’ve ever seen. I continued downing our wings and enjoyed them with new brews: Lagunitas IPA for Meg and an Agave Wheat for me…which went down a little TOO smoothly! So, after that I worked up enough courage to go talk to some people and ask them why they love the Dew Drop Inn. The answers did not take me by surprise at all—because the entire Dew Drop Inn crew made me feel like family right off the bat.

Virginia from Monroe:  has been going to the Dew Drop Inn for two years. She loves all the food there, but if forced to choose one by a pesky girl with a notebook in her face, she would have to say that she loves the Cajun Butter wings the most. She hangs out there about two to three times a week—she loves the people there, and says the food is consistently amazing.

Jen from Shelton: ”The Dew Drop Inn is nothing but fun times!”

Frank from Milford: loves everything about the wings, how they’re prepared—how they’re served, the variety of flavors. He comes here because the people and the atmosphere—everyone is just cool! He also mentioned that he LOVES Tuesday night pasta night…only $7.95.

Regulars Ron and Liz from Derby and Dew Drop Inn newbie Mike from New Haven: Will Mike come back again?! “OH YEA!!”

So, The Dew Drop Inn was definitely a winner. Staff is cool, wings are great. We’ll definitely be back for another hang.



photo credit: Pam Ciaburri/CT BOOM

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Dew Drop Inns wings are great. It's a fun place to hang.