Connecticut lawmakers were the first in the country to pass legislation to make the new minimum wage $10.10.  This will be enforced in 2017.  This mirrors what President Obama wants for federal minimum wage.

Republicans fought to have this rejected because:

1. Everything is always a fight in politics and

2. They believe it will be hard for small business owners to afford.

Well, here’s the truth.  We live in one of the most expensive areas of the world.  Not just the country, the ENTIRE world.  I know plenty of people that work multiple jobs to make ends meet.  I’ve done it myself for years.  It’s become a part of life for the average Nutmegger.  If you can show me a family that can survive in Connecticut on a 40 hour work-week at $10.10 an hour and afford to raise a family, I will drop dead in shock.  The reason why so many people work for pay “under the table” is that they simply can’t afford not to.  Consider the crappy pay, take out a huge chunk in ridiculous taxes- and there’s barely enough to put new shoes on your kid’s feet.  Anyone that argues that $10.10 is too high for minimum wage is out of their damn mind or has been disillusioned by having too much money.

With the wealthy areas of our state having home price medians of over $1 million and further north Connecticut with prices averaging over $300,000, it’s simply impossible that a family of four can survive on minimum wage.  What it comes down to is that it makes perfect sense for Connecticut to make this historic leap first, because we’re in a much different situation than a lot of other states.  Our cost of living is obviously astoundingly high and we should take every opportunity to level the playing field for all families.


Source: WTNH | (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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