Connecticut, you gotta stop if you wish to stay afloat.  Another popular business announced it’s shutting its doors and heading west.

To Salt Lake City.

The Hartford Courant reports that StubHub will close its East Granby location because it’s moving it to Salt Lake City.  Which means, the state is out another 250-ish jobs.

Sadly, no one knows if those workers will get to keep their jobs.  That, in itself, is pretty terrible.

StubHub spokesman Glenn Lehrman told the Courant:

“Over the next few months we’ll determine personnel decisions and future opportunities for employees, but at this point, no definitive decisions have been made. Today we just wanted to make sure employees had as much notice as possible regarding our lease renewal.”

In an emailed statement, StubHub explained that they’ve been looking to move for awhile.  After a bit of searching, they settled on Utah.  Which, if you’re curious, happens to be the best state for business as voted by CNBC.

So, the Center of Excellence for Customer Experience and Trust Operations will officially move to Salt Lake City after their lease expires in June 2018.

StubHub called that location home for 12 years, too.  Not once did they give any indication that they were unhappy, either.  Naturally, the sudden news blindsided state officials.  Along with the entire community.

Especially since lawmakers lobbied hard to get StubHub to move to CT in the first place.  Oz Greibel, president of Metro Hartford Alliance told the Courant that no one knows why the company is leaving.

But, as I mentioned before, Utah is the top state for business.  So, it’s not that hard to put the puzzle pieces together.   You can bet taxes, incentives, and it being a hub of sorts made the move extremely attractive.

So, they’re just following an exhaustively long trend that probably has no end in sight.

However, the move comes at a wickedly bad time for East Granby.

Thanks to the ongoing budget crisis, East Granby doesn’t know how much financial aid it’ll receive this year.  Or, if it’ll receive any at all.

East Granby First Selectman James M. Hayden hopes he can change StubHub’s mind before their departure date.  He told the Courant:

“This isn’t the right time with all the chaos in Hartford.”

Hayden says he’ll work with economic development officials on strategies.  However, I doubt any good will come of it.  The exodus is here and there’s no stopping it.  Well, I hope it can be stopped, but it’s not looking likely anytime soon.

If lawmakers can convince StubHub to stay, it’ll be a major win and relief for the community.  If not, Connecticut’s fiscal health will only deteriorate that much faster and perpetuate this whole… abandon the CT sinking ship thing.

Goodbye, StubHub!

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