CT Kid’s Are The Smartest In The Nation!

CT Kid’s Are The Smartest In The Nation!
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According to results released by the U.S. Education Department Connecticut students rank among the top in the nation when it comes to math and reading.

The testing scores students as “at or above the proficient level” in both categories. 45% of CT 4th-graders tested at that level with the national average being 42%. CT 8th-graders were 2% over the average at 37%. CT crushed when it came to reading with 4th-graders scoring 43% vs 35% and 8th-graders 45% vs 36%.

While being tops in the nation might seem like something to celebrate CT still has a huge disparity between rich and poor students when it comes to scores. Not to mention that the national average just seems low. Less than half our students are at or above proficient levels?! The scores are up for students nation-wide since the tests were implemented in the 90′s but there is obviously a long way to go.

Hyperbolic title aside this should serve as a wake-up call. Is our children learning?

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Richele Jansen
Richele Jansen

"Is our children learning?" That is from the person who wrote the article.