Social Media has infiltrated every facet of people’s lives. Having a great meal? Post a picture to Instagram. Mad about your government? Post a rant on Facebook. Watching the season premiere of a popular TV show? Spoil it for those not watching with a tweet. It seems that everyone is on some form of social media. Hell, even my 73-year-old dad has a Facebook page.

As fun as all theses sites can be there are dangers, especially when it comes to employment. Some job-seekers have learned the hard way that you should always keep your profiles private. Lest a prospective employer peruse your pictures and find that party where you decided to get half-naked and do keg stands. Unless you are applying to work at CT Boom chances are you won’t get the job.

Some employers have taken their “research” a step further and asked employees for the usernames and passwords of their social media accounts. I have been lucky enough to have avoided this situation but I can tell you if it ever happens the company representative will hear a hearty “Get bent!” from me in reply. My wife doesn’t even have my passwords!

I don’t know how anyone would ever think it would be a good idea to turn this info over to their employer. With the lines between work and personal lives blurring it is a sign of the times. It used to be you would clock in, work 9-5, clock out and live your life. With email, cell phones and cloud computing many employers want you on-call and ready to work at all times. To them this is just an extension of your work responsibilities.

I am all for the separation of Work and Play. As long as I deliver the goods in the workplace day in and day out it shouldn’t matter if I read Ayn Rand or rip bong hits in my free time. It is my time. I am sure some will argue that “you represent the company blah blah blah”. No, I don’t. Unless I am on the clock or wearing your logo I am not “representing” you. Let me get drunk and naked in peace.

Thankfully Connecticut agrees with me. The state Senate is working towards making it illegal for employers to ask for your username and password. It will be interesting to see if this will go through and if it will be enforced with any teeth. Either way, you will have to pry that info from my cold dead hands.


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