In the oddest story of the day, a woman went to police to report that she had found marijuana and a pill case with Percocets in her significant other’s tool box. She physically went to the police department to report the find.  Instead of bringing the items, she took pictures of them, then hid them in her room.  (Seriously though, what is wrong with this woman? Why wouldn’t you just mind your own business? You go to police because you find a little weed?  It’s not like you just uncovered a meth lab in your kitchen…)

Anyway, when she got home, she didn’t find the weed or the pills… instead she found the guy she was ratting on.  Was he happy to see her?  Probably not because he “passive aggressively” cut a watermelon.  That’s right.  When she walked in, he took a butcher knife and began to carve the melon.  She felt that this was his way to threaten her, so she took a picture of the stabbed melon and contacted police… again.

This time they arrested 49-year-old Carmine Cervellino from Thomaston.  He was charged with second-degree threatening and disorderly conduct and was released on a $500 bond.  He doesn’t face any drug charges.

Although I’m sure this guy was trying to “passive aggressively intimidate her”, I find this woman incredibly annoying.  You don’t like the guy?  Don’t want him to smoke a joint?  Move out.  Leave him.  Taking multiple pictures with your cell phone and running to the police every five minutes doesn’t necessarily seem like the most efficient way to get the guy out of your life.

You can also argue that this is Fruit Ninja’s fault.  I spend a great amount of time throwing fruit in the air then slicing it with my Samurai sword.


Source: Register Citizen | Top Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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