I understand the time, effort, and love that goes into building a snowman.  Seems like a quick/fun thing to do but by the time you’re done, your snowman isn’t just a pile of snow… it’s almost the newest addition to your family. I’ve watched the excitement in my child’s eyes when a snowman is complete.  At the risk of sounding corny, it is very magical.  There’s a reason why we all love Frosty the Snowman.  Would you attack a person that you suspected harmed the newest member of your family?  When it’s put that way… I probably would.  Right?  That’s why I think 22-year-old James Knudsen from Clinton had every right to punch two teenagers in their face when he knocked down his snowman aka. the newest member of his family.

Knudsen built the snowman on his family’s property for the enjoyment of the neighboring children.  Then two kids, supposedly 16 and 17, came around and destroyed it.  Here’s the truth- these punk kids probably thought it was funny to knock down the snowman.  They probably deserved to get punished for destroying Frosty.  Maybe punching the kids in the face wasn’t the brightest idea, but I understand.    As far as I’m concerned, the two punk kids should have been charged for destroying private property.  If those two punks came onto your property and destroyed your garden gnome, wouldn’t you be upset? Is it different because a snowman is only a temporary work of art?

Knudsen was arrested is out on $5000 bond.  He is due back in court on March 7th.

Live on Frosty, live on.


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Source: WTNH.com

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