Somehow the website has found a way to create the most ridiculous lists available on the Internet… and like a heroin addict, we keep going back for more.  This time they’ve determined which states have the best and worst Thanksgivings based on this criteria (as per their website):

1. Likelihood of a family food poisoning episode

-Most cases of salmonella per capita derived from poultry in the past five years

2. Likelihood of relatives getting drunk and making a scene

-Prevalence of binge drinking among adults per capita 

3. Likelihood of political arguments

-States with most even split between democratic and republican voters 

4. Dietary restrictions impacting meal quality

States with highest rates of diabetes (CDC) and highest percentage of vegetarians/vegans (Facebook user data)

5. Likelihood of favorite NFL team losing on Thanksgiving

-Losing percentage for Thanksgiving Day games of residents’ favorite teams(s)

6. Likelihood of guests/cooks abandoning meal to shop a Black Friday sale

-Percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in Black Friday sales—(Facebook user data)


According this nonsense, looks like Ohio has the worst Thanksgiving, but luckily Connecticut ranked 44th, making us the SIXTH BEST STATE to have Thanksgiving.  Are you feeling any better about dealing with your psycho in-laws and gaining twelve pounds next week?  Right, me neither.  You can read their entire study here.  






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