Hallmark has officially laid off about 570 employees from their Enfield distribution center.  The warehouse has been operating for 63-years making it one of the longest standing corporate facilities in the town of Enfield.  Hallmark released a statement saying that by closing the warehouse it would provide “substantial ongoing savings”.  The Enfield center currently ships 40% of Hallmark’s business along the east coast.

By consolidating, they will be eliminating the Enfield jobs but adding 400 jobs to their Liberty, MO warehouse.  That warehouse is 1.7 million square feet and Hallmark says that it makes more sense to have their distribution center in the center of the country.  The laid off employees have been urged to apply there if they would want to relocate.  All the other employees will be receiving severance packages.  Enfield has acknowledged that this is a huge blow to their town because of the massive lay-offs and because Hallmark has done so much for the community including sponsoring their annual Fourth of July fireworks display.

Ironically, Hallmark launched a line of job loss cards a while back.  A Hallmark rep said “We know these job-loss captions are not going to be the strongest (sales) performers, but they are meant to meet a relevant and niche consumer need for many who are looking for it.”

Think any of the Enfield laid off employees will find the irony in getting one of these cards?  Yep, we didn’t think so either.



Source: Harford Courant

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