Good riddance, 2017, and bring on 2018.  For many of us, we didn’t uphold our New Years resolutions… but, here’s an opportunity to redeem ourselves.  Finally, am I right?  About 13 CT state parks in all will open New Years Day to offer free hikes. laid out the plans for this inspiring initiative.  Our state will participate in a national event aimed at helping families start off 2018 with exercise and fresh air.   It’s all part of America’s State Parks First Day Hikes.

So, 13 state parks in all will open their doors/gates for free, guided hikes.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet all those lofty “lose weight” resolutions.  Just saying.

Plus, meeting new people is always a positive, too!  Who knows, maybe you’ll find “the one” if your resolution is to stop being single in 2018.

Either way, this cost-saving event will make your New Years Day extra fun.

DEEP Commissioner Robert Klee spoke about the event:

“Whether you join a guided hike or venture out on your own, you will not be disappointed in the variety of hiking trails that our state has to offer.  Connecticut has hundreds of miles of trails appropriate for all age levels to enjoy as we celebrate the first day of 2018.”

Personally, I find this a completely wonderful idea because this event shows off Connecticut’s natural beauty.  Also, all the parks open to the public happen to be some of the state’s best.

Most of these hikes kick off sometime after noon, so there should be abundant sunshine for your hike.

Either way, if you made the promise to yourself to lose weight, you better not miss these New Years Day hikes.  You’ll meet new people while partaking in a fun and unique activity.

Be sure that your boots are safe to tread on potentially slippery pathways.  Although, it’s probably safe to bet all the hikes take place on rather easy paths.

Also, no need to worry about travelling to far for these free hikes.  The open parks seem pretty well spaced-out all across the state.  So, either pick your fave or the one closest to you to breathe in that fresh 2018 air in a couple days!

For a complete list of parks to visit on New Years Day, click HERE.

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