It’s back!  The highly lauded “U Text. U Drive.  U Pay.” campaign is back for round two.  This time, however, the crusade against distracted drivers is personal.

Because police say there’s an uptick in distracted drivers.   So, y’all need to chill with using your phones behind the wheels.  You could kill someone, you know.

Anyways, Ridgefield Press says the anti-distracted driving campaign runs through Wednesday, August 16th.  So, until then, you’ll see an increased police presence alongside state roads and highways.

Commissioner Dora B. Schriro of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection told the Press:

“Crashes due to cell phone usage are preventable. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel whenever you are driving.  That incoming text and outgoing phone call can wait. Focus all of your attention on arriving at your destination safely.”

If someone told you to drive across a football field blindfolded, would you?  Obviously, you wouldn’t because that’s extremely dangerous.

However, you do that whenever you spend five seconds reading a text message behind the wheel.  You still take your eyes off the road.  And a lot can happen in five seconds.

A kid or dog can dart in front of you, or the car in front of you could slam on their brakes.  That’s why traffic fatalities still spike every year.

Colonel Alaric J. Fox, commanding officer of the State Police, echoed that sentiment:

“Troopers have responded to countless crashes caused by distracted drivers – some of which have ended in fatalities.”

More and more people think they’re master drivers who can risk taking their eyes off the road for a second.  Or, they think they’re smart enough to split their attention between their mobile and maneuvering the steering wheel.

Newsflash: no one’s that talented.   That’s why texting and driving now causes 1 in every 4 accidents.   It’s estimated that  over 1,000 people get injured a day due to distracted driving.  9 of which will be fatal.

If you really must answer that text or email, you’re better off pulling over and taking care of business there.  If you can’t spare the time to pullover, then your response isn’t all that important to begin with.

It’s simple math.

However, if you need more numbers thrown at you, here’s what you’ll have to cough up to police when they catch you texting and driving.  A first texting offense costs you $150.  If you get caught again, you pay $300.  Anytime after that, you lose $500.

On top of that, you could potentially lose your life.  Or take someone else’s.

Honestly, it’s not worth the risk, as evidenced by what happened in Illinois last week.

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