Well, not exactly.  BUT, police do want all you secret-keepers to protect yourself against this clever new blackmail scam.

Long story short, if you receive a letter threatening to expose your secret to your family, throw it out.  It’s probably fake.

Darienite reports that this interesting new scheme hopes to target those trying to hide things from their spouse.  Victims will find a letter in their mailbox addressed to them that threatens to spill the “secret you are keeping from your wife.”

The sender goes on to say they have irrefutable proof of the victim’s infidelity.  They then threaten to go public with it if the victim doesn’t send $3,500 in hush money.  However, the only payment they’ll take is Bitcoin, a digital currency.

Darien Police Lt. Jeremiah Marron said if you receive this letter, trash it.  Or burn it just in case your wife finds it in the garbage and demands answers.  Either way, it’s 100 percent a total scam.

“Through investigation, it’s been determined that the exact letter, with only the recipient being different, has been sent out to residents in several other cities both in Connecticut and Massachusetts.”

Also, if you pay with Bitcoin, police will have no way to trace or recover it.  So you won’t see that money ever again.  Basically, it’s the perfect crime.

Police note that the letters don’t appear to be hand delivered.  Instead, they came from somewhere out of state.  Meaning that the scammer probably doesn’t know what you or your house looks like, so no one’s stalking you.  Unless you have a reason to believe that.  Like if you have grounds to believe your wife hired a PI.

But, I want to assume that only non-adulterers read CT Boom.  So even if you do see that letter in your mailbox, it’ll give you a hearty laugh before you chuck it.

However, if you really do have something to hide, then I want you to know the big dude upstairs is watch you.  Santa Claus.  And I bet he has plenty of coal stocked up to dump into your Christmas stocking this year.

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