If you drink and drive/boat over the holiday weekend, you’ll lose.  Big time.  Because state and local police will catch you as they beef up patrols starting Friday.

WNTH reports that police all over Connecticut will be bumping up their patrols since July 4th weekend tends to get a little hairy.  Several checkpoints will adorn Connecticut’s highways while marine patrols will keep tabs on boaters.

It’s all part of an aggressive campaign to curb drunk drivers and boaters from climbing behind the wheel.  Basically, they want to make sure everyone who gets in a car or a boat makes it home.

Considering the stark jump in boating and vehicular fatalities this year, police want to keep everyone safe.  And if keeping people safe is by arresting idiots who drink behind the wheel, so be it.

Also, it’s probably a good idea to not text and drive, too.  Oh, and wear your seat belts.  Just because police want to nab as many drunk operators as possible doesn’t mean they won’t look out for other scofflaws.

So, be mindful of your actions over the holiday weekend.  AAA predicts that a record-breaking amount of people will hit the roads this year.  On top of that, if the weather’s super nice, you know those waters will be filled to the brim with boaters.

We’ve kinda had a rough start to the boating/fishing seasons with an onslaught of bad weather.  So, people will definitely take advantage of whatever nice days they can.  Which means your chances of running into a boater driving under the influence dramatically increases.

So, that’s why police are positioning patrols all over the state.

On the state’s highways, definite check points will be set up on I-95, Route 9, and Route 66.  Others will most likely be announced as we creep closer to the July 4th weekend.

Operation Dry Water will take place in all of CT’s popular boating locations.  Which means Coast Guard and public safety patrol will be beefed up between the 30th and the 2nd, according to WTNH.

Be smart over the holiday weekend.  Elect a designated driver or put some numbers to the local taxi company or intall the Uber/Lyft apps on your phones.

But, if you don’t plan on consuming alcohol over the weekend, there’s something else you can do to boost the mood this weekend.

It never hurts to thank officers for their hard work.  Instead of spending time with their families over the holiday weekend, they want to make sure you get to spend time with yours.

So, if you come across a check point or see a patrolling officer in the waters, give them a wave and a thanks.   And maybe wish them a Happy 4th.  They’ll definitely appreciate the words of encouragement.  Just sayin’.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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