Welcome to CT, Wrangler!  If you watched the Today Show, then you must know of their “Puppy with a Purpose” program.  They adopt a lab puppy and train them to become service animals.  But one of their puppies became an official K-9 unit.

And it’s their very first “Puppy with a Purpose” that officially joined the Connecticut State Police!

Today says that Wrangler originally set off to become a guiding eyes dog.  But, he professed a talent in detection, so he retired from the service program.   Wrangler dropped out of the seeing eyes program in July and started his new career in detecting explosives and narcotics.

He graduated from the 190th explosive detection class on December 8th.  He will work with Trooper First Class Kevin Reed for the Mass Transit Unit.

So, you might see this famous k-9 during your train rides between CT and NY!

Saxon Eastman, Wrangler’s puppy raiser, says she’s so proud:

“As a guide dog, Wrangler helped one person live a more independent life. As a detection dog, he will be helping large groups of people, making sure that everyone is safe from criminal activity.”

Just because Wrangler didn’t fulfill his original purpose of becoming a seeing eyes dog doesn’t mean he’s a failure.  In fact, the work he will do now is infinitely more important.

Selecting seeing eye dogs is a delicate and picky process.  A dog walking too fast or having a certain personality is grounds enough to retire from the program.   Seeing Eye dogs tend to be the best of the best.

Still, Wrangler aced his homework at explosion detection class and will continue to serve the public.  During his puppy years, he warmed the hearts of millions of viewers.  Now, he greets people on the train and makes sure they arrive at their destination safely.

Welcome to Connecticut, Wrangler!  We hope you enjoy your stay!

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