Shoot, Mosquito, don’t bother me!

Zika, a new virus to the United States has spread very quickly from the Caribbean and Latin America to as closely as New York. Seven cases of the virus have been confirmed in New York.

Zika, cannot be transmitted through human contact but transmitted sexually, and if bitten by an infected mosquito. The virus also spreads if a mosquito bites an infected individual. The virus can also live in pregnant woman fetuses, prolonging the virus.

Although Gov. Daniel Malloy told Fox61 he and Acting Commissioner Dr.Raul Pino are watching out for any cases or signs of Zika in CT as there is none yet. State officials encourage not to travel to the place of infestation and if already traveled and returned and have a fever, rash and red eye, and joint pain see a doctor immediately.

There is no vaccine or medications for the virus.

via MiamiHerald

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