Can you imagine state-sponsored marijuana use by our children? It is happening! Everybody panic!

Actually, don’t panic. This isn’t about letting kids hit a spliff while cruising on their Big Wheels. CT lawmakers are attempting to expand the current medical marijuana program to include children. The General Assembly voted to move the bill forward to the Senate which is a step in the right direction.

Medical marijuana can be used to treat many conditions but the focus of the discussions was on seizures. Of course, our politicians being how they are there is still plenty of debate to be had as to what conditions are covered and who should be administering the dosage. Republican Rep. Vincent Candelora thinks this would give “a lot of authority to be a doctor” to the parents of children with prescriptions and wants to limit the bill to only epilepsy. Never mind that many of our kids are on a steady diet of pharmaceuticals with far worse side effects than marijuana… If Med Mary can help some kid by limiting their seizures and improving their life I am all for it.

I am pretty sure that any medical marijuana for kids in delivered via food or pill but the thought of a circle grade schoolers toking on a joint does make me chuckle.


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