I’m under the impression that only rich Paris Hilton types drive with their dogs on their laps.  Either rich young 20-somethings or wealthy old women wearing pink Chanel suits.  I never understood why people did this.  It just seems like a recipe for disaster.  Remember when Britney Spears drove around with her son on her lap?  Was that normal?  Of course not.  So why do people think putting a loose animal on your lap is safe?

What shocked me is when I found out that this wasn’t already illegal in Connecticut.  I am floored that in 2015 there is nothing stopping Ariana Grande from putting a Doberman on her lap and driving her Escalade into traffic.

Even representatives from the Connecticut Humane Society agree that distracted driving is not safe driving- and yes, having a loose animal in your car is considered distracted driving.  They also went so far to say that also shouldn’t drink coffee or eat a burger while driving but that seems a bit extreme.

Ban the pets, keep the burgers. A burger isn’t going to bark and distract you.

If this is passed by the General Assembly, people that violate this new law would face the same fines as those who text while driving.


Source: CTPost.com

Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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