State Representative Juan Candelaria, a Democrat from New Haven, is jumping on the “let’s tax stuff so our kids stop being fat” bandwagon.  

Yes, that’s a real bandwagon.

The irony is that this man has been called “The Candy Man” in the past because his last name is Candelaria (get it?) but now he’s taken that title a bit too far.  He’s proposing that all candy and soda be taxed at the rate of 1 cent per ounce of soda and candy.  If this law is passed, Connecticut will be the first in the nation to do so.  The argument for doing this is that it will discourage people from buying these products and help curb childhood obesity.

The upside? The tax will go towards scholarship programs and municipal aid funds.  The downside? Everything else.

Why does our government get to choose and decide what’s healthy and what’s not?  There’s studies that argue that the sugar in milk is bad for children… There’s studies that say eating certain meats can bring on cancers… So what’s to say that in ten years there won’t be a study that finds that a Pepsi may help digestion?  It’s not up to the government to regulate what goes into our children’s bodies.  That right is reserved for parents.

If the government wants to help with childhood obesity, then they should teach eating moderation as a class and offer more gym periods in the schools.  I don’t think the ONE CLASS PER WEEK my daughter has gym really teaches her the value of exercise.  The problem with adding classes in the schools about nutrition?  It doesn’t create revenue for the state.  Call this what it is, another pointless tax increase.  No one will notice a difference of a nickel in a can of soda if they’re craving a Diet Coke.

Source: CTNewsJunkie


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