Talk about an emBEARassing situation.  A black bear broke into a Canton woman’s car and totaled it from the inside.  We only hope he returned all her stolen PAWsessions.

No more bear puns?  Awww, you’re no fun.

Anyways, WFSB first reported on the incident.  Linda Morad says she houses-at for her friend last Friday night and, while everything appeared normal, outside turned into a war zone.  She says a strange noise caught her attention and she soon found it came from her car!

She called 911:

“I’m here alone and I think there’s someone in my car.  The lights are on and I went out to kind of check it out and I hear noise in there.”

However, her suspicions about the perp being a human quickly evaporated as the noise increased.   So, she quickly called police again to warn them that something kept moving around inside, beeping the horn, and making the overall situation really creepy.

She was right.  The suspect was definitely not a person.  In fact, it was a 240 pound black bear!

Obviously, police reacted to the sight with awe, confusion, and a bit of humor.  Officers snapped a few photos of the renegade bear before opening the car to let him or her run off.

Police believe the fully-grown bear managed to sneak inside her 2015 Subaru by going through the unlocked front door.  Morad says she didn’t leave anything tempting inside the car, but did say she left banana behind.  The bear didn’t touch it.

She believes the creature smelled the garbage she took to the dump earlier in the day.  However, once inside, the bear became trapped and started to panic.

The black bear completely shredded the car from the inside.

Now the question remains: will Morad’s insurance company pay for the damage?

She didn’t name who insures her car, but did admit they totaled the car and declared it worthless.  While she says she feels frustrated over the decision, she’s just happy the bear escaped injury free.

She called the bear a “poor thing.”  However, she did issue a warning to other car owners to lock their car and to take all tasty treats out of their vehicle because they could be next.

With this story going viral, here’s hoping this saves future car owners some agony.

What’s the strangest thing that happened to your car?  More importantly, have you ever had a black bear roaming around your back yard?


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