While most people can’t manage to finish a Couch to 5K plan, Connecticut native Kristin Burke ran 12 marathons in 12 months. You might say “Why would someone do this to themselves? Is she crazy?”. Well, just like she’s a better runner than you, she’s probably a better person too.

She partnered with Active Heroes to raise awareness about the number of veterans that commit suicide every day. That number is 20-22. Which is crazy. And also how #12in12for22 was born. She started her first marathon in May 2016 and just ran her last one (let’s hope for a while) April 15 in Colorado.

Over 314 miles later, Kristin raised a total of $13,251, all of which was donated directly to Active Heroes. Rest up Kristin, you deserve it. Plus you’re making the rest of us look bad…

It’s been a pretty rough couple of weeks since Marathon 9. For a week after the race, my tight quad wreaked havoc on my knee and hamstring, making running near impossible. The next week, my dear grandmother passed away after almost 90 years on this earth. . Yet time churns on and I’m starting down the barrel of Marathon 10. In just 4 days I’ll be lining up for the Sedona Marathon with a new guardian angel on my shoulder. . Somehow, I’ll only have 2 marathons left in 12in12for22 after this weekend. For a long time, it seemed like this would never come but sitting here now, I’m sorry it has. It has been a great pleasure of my life sharing my passion for this cause, running more marathons than a lot of people (including myself) thought was possible, and raising money to build a retreat that will serve as a beacon of hope for thousands of struggling veterans. . If you’re been following my journey and have been meaning to donate, now is the time. We are just over $10,000- SO close to my goal of $12,000 before all is said and done in April. Check out Active Heroes and the amazing things they are doing. Read the statistics on veteran suicide and educate yourselves on PTSD. . 20-22/day is too many. Thank you for your contribution. . #12in12for22 #activeheroes @activeheroes #marathon #endurance #12marathonsin12months #nuunlife #nuunbassador #runner #sedonamarathon #militaryfamily #marinewife #marinefiance #milso #supportourtroops #ptsdawareness #22kill #22toomany #thankaveteran #hope

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