Today is Ash Wednesday.  For many that means it’s the time of year where they are forced to give up something in the name of Lent.  40 days of suffering to prove that you love Jesus.  If you’re going to do it right, you might as well give up something that you shouldn’t have in the first place.  Here’s a list of Connecticut foods you should give up.

1.  Cinnabons, Westfield Trumbull Mall

Why would you give up the most delicious special treat in the world?! Because that’s what Lent is about- Showing self control and restraint.  Plus, one of those Cinnabon Caramel Pecan Buns (that literally make me drool just thinking about it) has 1,080 calories.  Think about the fact that you can usually polish one of those off after eating a couple of slices from neighboring stand Sbarro.

2.  Kitsa Pella Salad, Jordan’s Restaurant and Pizza, locations in Norwalk and Westport

Seems like giving up a salad would be relatively easy, right?  No, wrong.  This salad actually consists of about four pieces of iceberg lettuce, topped with BOTH mozzarella and feta cheese, I add gyro meat, there’s a few other veggies in there- but it’s served in a huge bread bowl that is swimming in a sea of tzatziki sauce and oil. Although there’s no nutrition information on the menu, I am relatively sure that eating that huge bread bowl that I scoop up with creamy tzatziki sauce then pile with cheese isn’t a “healthy” salad.

3.  Venti White Chocolate Mocha, Starbucks

Everyone needs a pick me up in the morning which is why one of my favorite “go to” drinks is a white chocolate mocha- It’s coffee- Shouldn’t have that many calories, right?  Wrong.  This DRINK clocks in 620 calories.  620 calories of pure deliciousness… that you can’t enjoy for 40 days.

4.  Thai Drunken Noodles with Chicken

Although my absolute favorite comes from a place in Norwalk called “ThaiSpice”, most websites have a single serving of this yummy concoction (that if made correctly will set your mouth on fire) at 405 calories.  Of course I eat an entire take-out bowl of this at a time which I’m sure is at least triple that calorie count.

5.  Sonic, Milford, CT

Sure, there’s a few Sonics now across the state, but when Sonic opened in Milford, I lost all control.  So close to our offices- So delicious- So convenient that I don’t have to get out of my car… but it’s time to give that all up in the name of health.  Bacon Double Cheeseburger, 1240 calories, tator tots (because they are irresistible) 360 calories… and that’s a medium because I’m not a total pig… Over 1500 calories… for lunch.

6.  Blooming Onion, The Outback

Ready to die laughing?  According to the Outback website that single Blooming Onion is considered SIX servings.  SIX.  When’s the last time you split that with six people?! Total calories if you chow down the whole thing?… 1,948.  That’s an appetizer.  Digest that.

7.  Krispy Kreme, Mohegan Sun

Sure there are multiple Krispy Kreme’s across the state, but as far as I’m concerned it is just customary to hit up the Krispy Kreme in the casino before embarking on a 90 minute ride home.  You wait in that long line (that is seemingly endless regardless of what time of day it is) and pick your favorite two for the ride.  I’m a sucker for Pumpkin Spice (because you know, Pumpkin is healthy) and a Cookies and Kreme (because you know, you can’t always be healthy)- Turns out my effort to be somewhat healthy sets me back 740 calories.  I consider that a snack.

So that’s a start- ban these things for the next 40 days- or better yet..  just don’t.  You only live once, right?  And besides I’ve been craving those Drunken Thai Noodles for days…

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