We here at CT Boom have an explicit hate-hate relationship with the DMV.   Then again, everyone seemingly harbors a similar distaste.  You have better luck finding a unicorn than someone praising the DMV.  Because renewing a license takes a day.  Of waiting in line.  At least.

So, naturally, our valiant DMV wants to cure what ails our profound hatred of their practices.  They’ve changed the way we renew our licenses.  So, there’s that?  Hooray?

But that hasn’t stopped them from screwing up again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

Wow, there’s an echo in here.

This time, however, they really did it this time.  Despite agonizing wait-times and complaints of a lack of helping hands… the DMV will close two branches this week.

One of those branches had three people faint in line last Friday, according to WNTH.  Yes, three people in Derby fainted after waiting hours… OUTSIDE… in the sweltering heat.

So, the logical response is to close the entire joint until further notice.  Milford will also close this week.

NBC Connecticut says the decision came from an attempt to REDUCE lines.  Yeah, about that…

Anyways, these two small offices operated only two days out of the entire week.  But, they still served a healthy number of people. And that number seemingly got bigger every week until the Mayor of Milford voiced his concern.

So, they’re closing.

Now, with residents having nowhere to go, surrounding DMVs get to deal with the glut.  So, if you have to hit up the DMV in Hamden, Bridgeport and Waterbury, Godspeed.

DMV Commissioner Michael Bzdyra told NBC why he decided to close the Derby and Milford locations:

“Closing any DMV service, even on a temporary basis, is a difficult choice, but we also cannot continue to burden these centers’ customers with long wait times.”

The argument is: because the locations were so small, only two people staffed it.  Which, obviously, created larger-than-life wait times.   Apparently, the lines there simply became too long and the DMV decided to close both operations.

Because it would… make the lines smaller?

I guess?

Well, they argue they had to pull employees from the surrounding larger branches to help out the two small locations, which strained about everyone.

Including the three people who fainted in line on Friday.

So, now, the DMV wants to push the ease of online registration to alleviate the issue rippling into other branches.   Hence the updated license-renewal process.

Either way, two branches will close this week.  Albeit, temporarily.

However, no one knows exactly when they’ll reopen so… I’m just gonna say it: kiss Derby and Milford goodbye and say hello to longer lines and a longer drive to your local DMV.

If you had to pick who’s doing a worse job, who wins: Governor Dan Malloy or Connecticut’s DMV.  Go ahead.  Pick one.  I’ll wait.

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