Remember your 21st birthday?  Yeah, me neither.  According to the pictures, it looked like it was a hell of a time.  People get drunk on their 21st birthday.  That happens regularly.  But usually, when planning your monumental celebration- you include a designated driver.  It’s the one day of your life that you can get trashed and people won’t judge you- Well, not normal people anyway.  So why would any idiot pick their 21st birthday as the day they decide to get behind the wheel?  A 21-year-old from Preston did exactly that.

Jackob Tate, a 21st birthday boy, decided to get really drunk to celebrate his birthday but instead of passing out in the bushes outside of his house, he gets behind the wheel.  Willimantic police and state police were on the search for a green pick up truck that was driving the wrong way on Rt. 6 in Windham.  When Willimantic police spotted the pick up (doing donuts in a parking lot like an idiot), the drunk led them on a chase down Route 66.   The Birthday Boy weaved through traffic at a high rate of speed (allegedly).  When he tried to get out of the truck to escape, police grabbed him.  They found open alcohol containers in the pick up and his blood alcohol level was more than double the state legal level.

Happy Birthday Moron.  You’re lucky you didn’t kill someone- or yourself.


Source: | (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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