Unfortunately, the cool fall air won’t stick around for that much longer.  A miniature heat wave will creep into the state by Wednesday.  So, you need to put away the Uggs for a little bit longer.

Fairfield Daily Voice reports that we’ll see a deliciously crisp and clear autumn night tonight, though.  It’ll be the perfect weather to leave the windows open a crack so you can cuddle under the comforter, too.  Temperatures will dip to about 44 in some areas and a light wind will rustle the leaves.

So make yourself some tea or spiced cider, put on the TV, and bury yourself under the blankets while you can.  I know some of you live for this kind of weather.  And this will be the perfect night to put on your wooly socks and oversized sweater.

However, that’s when the honeymoon ends for awhile.  We’ll see a slow and steady return of summer heat, which will peak around Thursday.

Yeah, you don’t want to be caught in a scarf or long sleeved shirt on Thursday because we’ll be back in the 80’s.   But, it won’t truly feel like summer’s last hurrah since forecasters say it’ll be mostly cloudy.

Friday will be marginally better with partly cloudy skies expected.  However, temperatures look like they’ll slip to about 79 that day.

Finally, fall weather will make its gradual return by Friday night after a potential shower cools things down.

Saturday looks cloudy and 70.  But, expect that rain to stick around through the following week.

So, although autumn is here, the weather won’t be all that cooperative for a bit.  So, enjoy this crisp fall weather while it lasts.  Because, by Wednesday, you won’t see it again for awhile.

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