Ever wake up in a panic and have no idea where you are?  Then you scan the room and realize that:

a. You’re on vacation and this is your hotel.

b. You drank too much and ended up on a friend’s couch.


c.  You drank too many sugar-rimmed Oktoberfest pumpkin beers, hooked up with a random, and now you are in their bed.

Well, something similar to “c” happened to 26-year-old Tyler Sullivan.  He had too much to drink and decided to go to his mother’s apartment in Clinton, CT.  Instead of going into her unit, he somehow wandered into a different apartment in the complex.  He then crawled into bed with the male homeowner who was asleep.  When the man awoke and saw that it wasn’t his wife in bed with him, he instructed drunk Tyler to leave.  Tyler wasn’t having it though.  He argued with him and the homeowner called 911.

Drunk Tyler stuck around until police arrived (Imagine the conversation between the homeowner and Drunk Tyler while they were awaiting the police) and “DT” (Drunk Tyler) told police he thought he was at his mother’s apartment.  Police quickly gathered that he was an intoxicated mess and arrested him.  He was released on a $1000 bail and is due in court on November 4th.

The real question is why was a 26-year-old man running home to cuddle in bed with his Mommy?  No one else found that odd?


Source: WFSB

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