It seems like every time I read about a unique arrest in Connecticut, I roll my eyes, but am not that shocked.  After all, we’ve seen a lot of crazy things in our state.  But this? Oh, this blew me away.  A girl called in a bomb threat to Quinnipiac because she didn’t want her family to know she wasn’t graduating.

No.  F#cking.  Way.

I’ve heard of kids pulling the fire alarms at schools so they could get out of taking a final- but calling in a bomb threat to interrupt an entire graduation is beyond what I thought people would be capable of committing.  Allegedly, 22-year-old Danielle Shea had been collecting thousands of dollars from her mother to pay for tuition at Quinnipiac College.  What her mother didn’t know was that she had dropped out months before.  Apparently, Danielle didn’t wonder what she would do on graduation day because even though she showed up IN A CAP AND GOWN (from a costume store, I presume) her family noticed that her name was not on the roster of graduates.  Instead of thinking “I need to tell the truth” (or think about what she would do when she actually wasn’t called to receive a diploma) she called in bomb threats.  The first time she told them that there was a bomb in the library- Then she took it a step further when school officials didn’t cancel graduation by calling a second threat and claiming there were “several” bombs across campus and that it was “a bad idea” not to call off the festivities.

School officials checked the library for bombs and despite finding not finding anything agreed that it was in the best interest of the students and faculty to move the ceremonies to the TD Bank Sports Arena at the school’s York Hill Campus.  This caused delays of about 90 minutes.  Police were able to track the number to Shea and located her… you guessed in, she was in the Sports Arena, wearing her cap and gown… waiting to fake graduate.

She was obviously arrested and admitted to the entire bit.

I just don’t know how someone could be that stupid- Let alone a person that made it to the college level at one point.  I understand that desperate times call for desperate measures, but this is ridiculous.  From a cap and gown to an orange jump suit… She’ll probably just lie to her mother and tell her that she’s a guest speaker at the prison.

Source: NBCConnecticut


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