There’s a lot of things that criminals normally shoplift.  According to Business Insider, the most shoplifted items are:

1. Meat

2. Razors

3. Baby Formula

4. Cosmetics

5. Alcohol

6. Laptops

7. Over-the-counter drugs

8. Smartphones

9. Clothing

You know what’s not on this list?  Vacuums.  There’s probably a good reason why people don’t steal vacuums… The top reason is because they’re HUGE.  It’s hard to stuff a vacuum in your pants and walk out of a store.  Two men in Orange thought they were up to the challenge.

It went down at Target on the Post Road in Orange, David Adams from the Bronx and another man named Arthur Richardson (unknown address) allegedly filled up their shopping carts with vacuum cleaners.  $2,607.35 worth of vacuums to be exact.  They ripped off the security tags and attempted to leave the store without paying.  They were immediately stopped by store security and later arrested by police.

Richardson gave a fake name but police quickly figured that out.  They were charged with conspiracy to commit larceny, attempt to commit larceny and criminal trover.  

The question is, why vacuums?  Go for the refrigerators.  Go big or go home.  If you’ve already committed to stealing something so clunky you might as well just head to Home Depot and try to drive a John Deere off the sales floor.

All this aside, when you steal meat which is the number one thing stolen, where do you put it? And who wants to eat a chicken breast that was in some guy’s boxers?  Gross.


Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock


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