No one can blame Norwalk resident, 57-year-old, Clara Nelson for “smacking” her neighbor in the head with a shovel.  The woman spent a good amount of time shoveling out a parking spot for her daughter.  When she finally went inside to her warm apartment, she saw her twenty-something-year-old neighbor cleaning off her car and throwing that snow in HER spot.  That would be enough to warrant a smack in the head with a shovel, but no- Clara warned the woman and asked her to stop throwing snow back into her spot.  Allegedly the neighbor told her to mind her business and go back into her home.  Clara warned her that if she didn’t stop she would “smack her in the head with a shovel”.  The 23-year-old dared her to do it.

Well, guess what?

That’s right, she didn’t listen to the warning, continued to toss the snow in Clara’s spot, and got smacked in the head with the shovel.  The two rolled around on the ground fighting.

According to the 23-year-old, Clara just came out and assaulted her with the shovel over the snow removal.  She also said that Clara shoved her hand in her mouth to stop her for screaming for help.

Again: Clara = 57 years old.

Neighbor/Snow Violator = 23-years-old.

Clara was arrested and charged with third degree assault.  Both were brought to Norwalk Hospital to be treated for injuries.

The snow is clearly making all of us crazy, but the question remains #TeamClara or #TeamSnowViolator?

Watch the video with Clara at News 12’s website, or click here.

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