As a former female soccer player, I hated when people would comment that girl soccer players were “butchy”.  On the field I was an animal but I still thought I was rather girly when the cleats came off.  Then you hear stories like this… A University of Bridgeport female soccer player named Danielle Puddlefoot was so upset that she was “snubbed” at an athletic awards banquet at the school that she returned to her dorm and attacked fellow team members that she believed were responsible for the snub.

Reports say that the 22-year-old was drunk.  She attacked her teammates the only way a soccer player should… with her head.  She allegedly “headbutted” a fellow player and then slammed the other girl’s head into a closet repeatedly until she passed out.  That’s the way to create positive team building!

In her defense, she did use her head and not her hands… (crickets)

Then there’s that whole “butch” stereotype that I’ve been rebutting for years… (Another use of the word “butt”!  More crickets)

She was charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct.  The girl she attacked was treated at a local hospital for two black eyes and facial swelling.


Source: Courant

Image: Bridgeport Police


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