There are plenty of things you can’t take from the grocery store.  Any of the food… Cosmetics… Baked goods- but there are some things that you assume are free, right? Like the flyers that have those coupons.  Those are free.  The sanitizer wipes to wipe the gross germs off your shopping cart, those are free.  But how about the plastic bags that you use to stuff your groceries in? Are those free?  Of course they are, BUT how many are you allowed to take?

35-year-old Mia Williams from Bridgeport was helping herself to some extra plastic bags at the C-Town grocery store in Stratford when the cashier told her she couldn’t take the extra bags.  She ordered Williams to put the bags back.  Instead of returning the bags, or walking out of the store, she thought she should spit and threw her gum at the cashier.  That led to a fist fight where Williams pulled out clumps of the cashiers hair while they wrestled in the store.

In case you forgot, this is about taking extra plastic bags at the grocery store.

She was arrested for third-degree assault (not for stealing free plastic bags) and released on a $500 bond.

I have an entire shopping bag filled with plastic bags in my house.  I am willing to give them to her… as long as she doesn’t pull out clumps of my hair and spit gum at me.  There you have it.  The dumbest arrest of the week.



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