It’s embarrassing  to get pulled over for drunk driving.  The apologies to the officer, acting stunned that they think you may be drunk, you reluctantly get out of your car for a sobriety test- then are humiliated when you fail… You reek of Jameson and Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest and know you’ve made terrible decisions.  All of that is bad enough- but not for one Stamford man.  No, he took a very different route.

26-year-old Adelso Archila-Lopez  was pulled over in Darien after an officer saw him speeding down the Post Road.  He could have played dumb.  I think most people would say that they didn’t realize they were speeding- or would be apologetic.  But not Adelso.  Not only did he allegedly readily admit to speeding and going almost twice the speed limit, he also told cops there would be no need to give him a breathalyzer because he admitted to being drunk.  The humor comes when the police officers noticed that his car floor was littered with Smirnoff Ice bottles.  All of a sudden, Adelso wasn’t being so honest because he insisted they belonged to his “girlfriend”.  That’s okay Adelso, Smirnoff Ice’s can be very masculine.  

I’m kidding.  No they’re not.  Actually, I’ll never take a man drinking a Smirnoff Ice or Bud Light Lime seriously.  Ever.

He blew a 0.17 (twice the legal limit) was released with a $250 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.  No word on whether he will have a Mai-Tai before he arrives at the courthouse.


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