Usually a call for domestic violence is sad.  But any domestic issue that lasts three days is just plain dumb- especially if one of the members has a restraining order against the other.

A Norwalk couple was charged with a multitude of charges after police discovered that they had physically been battling- FOR THREE DAYS.  Luis Hernandez is the sole breadwinner of this dysfunctional family- and by “breadwinner” we mean that he collects disability and his wife Marta Chaves is unemployed.  Note: Marta has a restraining order against her husband and shouldn’t have been allowed to stay at his home anyway.

Despite all of this, Marta asked Luis for money.  He claims that he couldn’t give her money because he had to use his disability money to pay for rent and food.  That’s when the marathon brawl began.  For three days (we’re assuming with sleeping and bathroom time built in) they punched, kicked, and tried to stab one another.  All this fighting… over money from a disability check.

Can you imagine if they put that much effort into actually finding a job?  And I wonder what kind of disability allows you to battle your wife for three days.

Finally police were notified and when they arrived they found the home to be destroyed with overturned furniture, photos were thrown, and various other items were all over the place.  They are both scheduled to appear in court on June 3rd.


Source: The Hour

Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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