Plenty of us have had the night where we’ve had too much to drink- We’ve woken up in our bed confused about how we got home… Or worst, we’ve woken up in a stranger’s bed wondering how we got there.  BUT, what’s worst, waking up in a stranger’s bed or waking up in a stranger’s driveway?

That happened to 25-year-old Brian Kenny from Oxford.  A concerned homeowner called the police when some guy was sleeping in his car… in his driveway.  When police approached the car, Brian thought he was in Woodbury… He was actually in Southbury.  Besides being humiliated, he posted a $1000 bail and was charged with DUI.

The keys were still in the ignition when police arrived.

We’d rather have woken up with a stranger.

At least he didn’t put on a performance like this guy:



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