CT’s Finest: Dumb Arrest of the Week- Carjacker Caught at DUI Checkpoint

CT’s Finest: Dumb Arrest of the Week- Carjacker Caught at DUI Checkpoint
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This is certainly the kind of thing that you only see in the movies…

Stamford (luckily) doesn’t have very many reports of carjackings.  Which is why it was strange that on early Saturday morning (at about 12:30a), 22-year-old Michael Banks from Bridgeport jumped into a car stopped at a red light on Tresser Blvd in Stamford.  He surprised the driver and told him that he had a weapon, to follow his instructions or he would harm him.  He also took his cell phone away.  The driver, without much choice, did what he was instructed to do.  Here’s the thing about carjacking people on holiday weekends- There’s a lot of police DUI checkpoints.  Luckily for that driver, they happened to stumble onto one that was manned by TWENTY Stamford, Darien and State police officers.  Even though the thief threatened the driver if he said anything to the cops, once they pulled up to the checkpoint, the driver immediately rolled down the window and informed the police that the man in the passenger seat was holding him against his will, had a gun, and that he had carjacked him only minutes earlier.  Once police removed Banks from the car, they found a five-inch-long knife on the seat.  Banks told the police that he simply wanted a ride back to Bridgeport.  He was still arrested… for a ton of charges.

There you have it folks- A carjacker that managed to instruct a victim to drive directly into a DUI checkpoint filled with police officers.  I guess the driver was at least having a lucky day- Can’t say the same for Michael Banks.  Here’s a list of other places that the carjacker could have instructed the driver to go that would have been better than a DUI checkpoint:

1. McDonalds.  The drive thru attendant certainly would not have cared that the person in the passenger seat was a carjacker.  They only care if you would like fries with that.

2.  SBC Brewery.  If you carjack someone, you might as well use them as your designated driver.  He could have had a few beers and made the guy sit next to him at the bar and pick up his tab.

3.  Walmart. Technically there were still “Black Friday” deals going on at Walmart- He could have instructed the guy to wait for him in the loading area so that he didn’t have to deal with the millions of gross people pepper spraying each other for a parking spot.  A Black Friday chauffeur.

BUT instead he went through a Stamford DUI checkpoint… and now he can carjack someone else and have them bring him back to Bridgeport… the Bridgeport Correctional Center.


Source: StamfordAdvocate.com

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