When you go to your local deli, you probably are just looking for a sandwich.  If you were a patron at a Fairfield deli you may have gotten much more than that- a new friend! Apparently, the owner, Carmella Jamshidian is quite friendly.  She’s so friendly that she used her friendship with some patrons to scam them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Back in 2012, Jamshidian was arrested for allegedly befriending three elderly siblings- and robbing them.  Apparently these siblings led simple lives. They didn’t drive-  They lived close by to the deli- and apparently were very trusting.  According to sources, Jamshidian overhead them on the phone one day discussing a large inheritance that they had just received from a cousin.  That inheritance was so much that it should have covered living expenses for the three elderly siblings for the rest of their lives- but Jamshidian had to get involved.  Knowing that they had this money, she befriended them and made them trust her.  Since they only used money orders to pay for things, she offered to hold those inheritance checks at the deli in her safe… She offered them transportation to the bank, to run errands, and more to gain their trust.  She even would make purchases for them including $5,000 in baseball cards (for one of the blind siblings) that she claims were an investment.  Because they agreed to store the checks at her store, she now had access to the bank account.  What the elderly siblings didn’t know was that those checks were being issued at a rapid rate.  373 checks were dispensed in a year totaling over $218,000.  356 of those checks were made out to Jamshidian, the deli, or cash.  An observant bank teller noticed that the money was quickly disappearing and contacted police that were able to seize the bank accounts and figure out what was going on.

This is the worst kind of fraud.  These elderly siblings were then moved to a living facility run by the Social Services Department.  It’s important to note that one of the siblings is blind and the two others are learning disabled.  It takes a certain kind of horrible person to take advantage of an elderly, blind, disabled person.  Jamshidian is that person.  Normally I would bash anyone that ignorantly falls for a scam, but obviously in this situation- it’s very different.

Do not fret though- Justice was served this week when she was found guilty of one count of first-degree larceny and three counts of second-degree larceny.  She faces 50 years in jail.  Sentencing is May 2nd.


via: CTPost.com and FairfieldCitizen | Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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