I don’t get it.  How many times do you have to get arrested for doing the EXACT SAME THING before the state of Connecticut just locks you up forever?  Apparently shoplifting isn’t all that important because a Hamden man named Ricky Ferrara has been arrested 39 times for burglary and larceny charges.  He’s a well-known thief in the West Haven/Meriden area but has apparently decided to bring his thievery to Norwalk.  Here’s the thing about Norwalk Wal-Mart shoppers though- They don’t take shit from anyone.  Especially not at their Connecticut Avenue location.

If you’ve never been to the Wal-Mart on Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk (Not to be confused with the more laid back Wal-Mart on Main Avenue in Norwalk) it’s a tough place.  I’ve often said that I will happily drive across town to avoid the riff-raff that goes on in that store.  There have been numerous arrests in and around the Connecticut Avenue location.  From fist fights in the parking lot to hit and runs- that Wal-Mart has seen it all.  But here’s the thing about Connecticut Avenue Wal-Mart… They ain’t got time for bullshit.  So when serial shoplifter Ricky showed up in February and walked out of the store with over $1500 in stolen goods- nothing happened.  They “allegedly” have him on video, but he got away.  You would think that would be enough- but oh no.  Ricky was back this week and this time he tried to walk out the door with $977 of stolen merchandise.  No, he didn’t stuff it down his pants… Nope, he didn’t try to be slick- He just loaded up his cart and began to walk out.  That’s when he was approached by the assistant store manager who had spotted him.  Instead of abandoning the cart and running away, good ‘ol Ricky started punching the manager in the head.  The mistake that Ricky made was that he had never read any of my articles about how rough that Wal-Mart is- So it didn’t come to a surprise to me when the customers who witnessed this altercation decided to jump in on the action and tackle/beat Ricky to the ground- and throw him a few swift punches in his head too.

I like it.  Feels like I’m always bashing that Wal-Mart (and trust me, if you’ve been there, you agree) but I like the camaraderie that this gang of people pulled together to show that dude to stick to his own neck of the woods.  Only Norwalkers can rob our own stores.  Get out bitch.  (I’m kidding… Kind of)  Here’s what I know for sure, all of that would not have went down at the Main Avenue location.

Ricky was arrested and released on a $5000 bond… which I’m sure he posted with stolen DVD players and laundry detergent.  He has a court date of April 23rd when Connecticut will once again fail to jail this idiot forever.  Does that make it 40 arrests now?  Well done Ricky.  Well done.


Source: The Hour

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