Why, why, why do people get so hyped up over youth sports?! They’re kids- KIDS.  Usually these types of stories include frantic parents who are so consumed with how “perfect” their child is that they take it too far at a sporting event.  Not this time.  Typically, it’s the referees that are getting abused by the parents.  Yelling… Arguing- but this past weekend, it was the referee that took it too far.

55-year-old Stephen Levins of Rocky Hill was ref’ing a youth hockey championship game in Cromwell.  The boys were about 13 or 14 years-old.  There was a call on the ice that essentially ejected one of the boys from the game.  Supposedly out of outrage, the teen shot the puck at Levins head.  Levins then allegedly escorted, using physical force, the boy off the ice.  Parents witnessed this and out of anger that he had come into contact with the boy- they stormed the ice to retaliate against Levins.

Witnesses at the game began calling 911 to report the outbreak and request police assistance.  When police arrived they arrested Levins for breach of peace and risk of injury to a minor.

There’s so much more to this story that makes me wonder- How come no one is focusing on the fact that a teen tried to hit the ref in the head with a puck?  Clearly, dragging a 13-year-old off the ice isn’t the responsible or correct behavior for an adult that is part of the event, but we have to at least acknowledge that HE TRIED TO HIT THE REF IN THE HEAD WITH AN ICE PUCK.  It’s easy to say “Shame on the parents too” for storming the ice and trying to get Levins, but every parent that’s reading this right now knows- If you watch a grown man manhandle your child, there is nothing that will come between you and the ice.  Sure, should that kid get absolute hell when he gets home for taking a swing of his hockey stick at a ref?  Yeah, of course.  But it’s not up to the referee to discipline the kid… Let that kids Dad deal with him later.


Source: WFSB | Photo: Cromwell Police Dept.

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