While I was thumbing through a billion mugshots, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this one:


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.16.46 PM












This dude looks just like Ron Jeremy- or at least a lot like a 1980’s greasy porn star.  Seems only fitting that he was arrested this month for groping a woman.  Turns out he goes to Tunxis Community College and convinced a fellow female student that he needed tutoring.  One day he offered to drive her home.  Instead, he drove around Plainville and allegedly made sexual advances towards her.  She continually rejected his efforts so he began to grope her.  Gross 37-year-old Ammar Majeed was certainly persistent and didn’t just try inappropriately touching her once, according to police reports, it was multiple times.  She escaped his car while parked in a shopping center and went to a nearby business to ask for help.

He was released and posted a $2500 bond.  He’s due in court later this week in Bristol.

This is what I’ve decided after learning about Ammar:

1.  Never trust a man who’s greasier than a pizza.

2.  If he has a porn mustache, he will think he’s a porn star.

3.  Never get into a car with someone who thinks it’s okay to have chest hair come out of the top of his wife beater.


Source: Courant.com

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