I’ll admit I don’t know much about breaking into homes and stealing stuff- but here’s what I’m sure of… If you need a getaway vehicle, you should probably take the ten minutes and make sure you fill it up with gas before you commit any major crimes.  You know who didn’t know that? 27-year-old Nakia Wright from Glastonbury.

She snuck into a “former acquaintance’s'” home through an open front door and managed to steal a television and credit cards before the residents heard noises downstairs in the home and called police.  (Ballsy! Break into a house while the people are in it!)  She managed to squeeze the television into her small car (even though it was partially hanging out of the back) and took off.  Officers arrived as she was making the “getaway” (with a TV dangling from the car)- This kicked off a full out police chase on New London Turnpike- but luckily for police involved in the chase, it didn’t last long.  Because she ran out of gas almost immediately.

Yep, she went through all the trouble of stealing a TV, squeezing it into her car- and didn’t once think maybe she should fill up her gas tank before she robbed a house.  If that doesn’t land you on this list, I don’t know what will.

She was arrested on a ton of charges including theft, drugs and many moving vehicle violations.


Source: Courant.com | Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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