I will never understand how some thieves can be so dumb.  If you go to elaborate lengths to steal a huge piece of equipment, then why, why, WHY would you put that item for sale on Craigslist?!  Craigslist is known to be the haven of gross items and questionable business practices- but that’s where you opt to advertise your stolen goods?  That’s exactly what happened in Fairfield earlier this month.

These four people: Stephen Verity, 23, (West Haven), Nicole Berg, 21, (West Haven) , Nicholas Verity, 25, (Fairfield), Jamie Roberts, 19, (Fairfield) allegedly stole a Kubota (which is a small excavator) from F &W Equipment in Orange.  Once they stole the almost $60,000 piece of construction equipment, they decided to sell it… on Craigslist.  (Rolls her eyes).  Perhaps they should have also taken out an ad in the local newspaper and paid for a television spot on Channel 12 to announce to the world that they had a stolen excavator for sale.  Regardless, a Fairfield man responded to the ad, met them at the Stratford Home Depot, and agreed to pay them $16,000 for the stolen piece.  The man had an inkling that the Kubota was stolen and peeled back a sticker on the machine that showed that it belonged to F & W Equipment.  He contacted Fairfield Police and staged a sting.  When the idiots showed up to finalize the sale, police were on hand to arrest them.  I wonder what kind of sticker they used to cover the etching that said where the Kubota from…  I’m picturing a Hello Kitty sticker.

Perhaps next time they’ll create a float for the UBS Parade Spectacular with a “For Sale/Not Stolen” sign and the Kubota on it.  That would be more discreet.

Source: Fairfield Patch

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