Do you have any brothers or sisters?  If you do (like I do) you can probably rattle off a list of times that you either a. accidentally or b. purposely hurt them.  I believe I actually pulled a knife on my brother when we were in our tween years- all because he wouldn’t shut off the Nintendo so I could watch Full House.  True story.  I was a big fan of the Olsen twins.  Sibling fighting is simply a part of life.  No matter how much they tried, my parents couldn’t monitor our every move- and when they weren’t looking there was a good chance we were beating each other.  Even in our 30’s, if given the opportunity, my brother will still give me a swift punch in the shoulder when I disagree with his political views.  I’ve always assumed this was normal.  Apparently parents can go to jail for allowing this to happen and that’s exactly what happened in Torrington last week.

A 27-year-old mother from Torrington was arrested because she couldn’t stop her two and a half-year-old son from biting her younger 19 month-old son.  Brothers… biting.  Clearly her first mistake was having two children so close in age- but that happens.  All of this became an issue because she took her younger son to the hospital because the bites were so severe they required stitches (OUCH!).  They found multiple bites on the younger son’s body.  The mother claims that even though she tried to stop the biting, when the boys were unsupervised for a moment- the older one bit.  He’s a biter.  (If you’re a mom, you know a “biter”… They are the annoying kid that no one wants but there’s always one in the group)

Mom was arrested and faces charges that include risk of injury to a child.

This is one of those instances where I actually feel bad for the mother.  Clearly she cares about the children that she immediately took the youngest one to the hospital to get treatment for the bites- Maybe she made a few bad decisions and probably could have done more to monitor what they were doing- but having two toddlers certainly isn’t a walk in the park.  Clearly the two and a half-year-old doesn’t know the consequences of his actions.  This seems like an instance where Mom should have been released with a verbal warning and information on how to seek help for the situation.  I’m not quite  sure this is a time where she should be berated in the public eye and have her mugshot and name plastered all over the news (Note: That’s why you don’t see it in this blog)- Think about all the harmful things you did to your sibling… Hell, my baby sister got hit in the head with a bat- and my husband has permanent gashes in his head from fighting with his brothers.  It’s a battle ritual and part of growing up with siblings.


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