We may be past peak flu season, but the death toll keeps climbing. Another 8 people passed away from the flu, bringing the state’s total to 105 deaths this season.  This is the highest amount of recorded deaths since the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic.

CT Post reports that, so far, 85 of the deaths were patients 65 and older, eleven were those ages 50 to 64, five were between the ages of 25 and 49, one was between the ages of 19 to 24, while three were between the age of 5 and 18 years old.

Also, this year saw 2,161 requiring hospitalization for their symptoms.  On top of that, the state reported 7,177 influenza-positive laboratory test results.

The majority of flu cases came from New Haven County, with an astounding 2,160 doctor visits.  Fairfield County followed up with an extremely close second, recording 2,158 cases.

Hartford County is a distant third with 1,133 cases.  Middlesex reported 507 while New London County saw 356 cases.  Windham, so far, has seen 211 cases while Litchfield says they dealt with 212.

Tolland County recorded the lowest amount of flu cases, with 169 so far this year.

Even stranger, 251 cases came from an “unknown county.”  So, whatever that means, there’s that.

But this number goes by those who actively visited their doctor.  Not everyone does that, so the estimated amount is much higher.  The State Department of Health estimate that 10 percent of our population came down with the flu this season.

In addition, some doctors say they’ve seen people coming down with the flu TWICE.  Just because you had the flu already doesn’t mean you can’t get it again.  It only means you came down with one strain of it, and two strains (A and B) are pretty virulent and contagious.

DPH Commissioner Dr. Pino says that while flu season may have passed its peak, the flu remains a widespread problem:

“We still have several more weeks (of flu season) to go, and I continue to urge people to take precautions to prevents contracting or spreading the flu.”

Doctors recommend if you come down with the flu, closely monitor your symptoms.  If you develop any breathing troubles, doctors say you should immediately seek medical help.   Doctors also recommend seeking help if your fever reaches 101 and doesn’t seem to improve after taking medicine.

As an aside, if your fever just absolutely SUCKS and you cannot deal with it, call your doctor.  That also is a sign that the flu is a lot worse than you think.

Lastly, if the flu leaves you feeling completely fatigued to the point you can’t do anything, call your doctor.  More importantly, call if your flu symptoms keeps getting worse.

Officials recommend that people 6 months and older get a flu shot, especially pregnant women, children under 5, and those over 65-years-old.

Stay safe and don’t take the flu lightly.  It’s officially one of the worst on record.

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