This week in “Weird lawsuits I never knew of till now,” centers around Connecticut’s Poland Springs.  You know, the company that only bottles 100% natural real spring water?  Well, some people think they have something to hide.

The Consumerist got their hands on the 325-page lawsuit that claims Stamford-based Nestlé Waters’ been lying to us all along. Instead of pure and good natural spring water from Maine, they apparently sold us dirty ground water at a premium price.  I know, for shame.

The big problem is over Poland Spring’s slogan, which the plaintiffs call misleading.  You can’t call filtered tap water “100% Natural Spring Water,” right?  Right.

The suit also adds this scheme’s been going on since 1993.  Talk about a major twist!

Also, they claim “not one drop” of Poland Springs’ water comes remotely close to the FDA’s definition of spring water.

Meanwhile, Poland Spring says the suit is a load of hogwash.  They even sent a press release to the Consumerist who picked up on the suit:

“Poland Spring is 100% spring water.  It meets the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations defining spring water, all state regulations governing spring classification for standards of identity, as well as all federal and state regulations governing spring water collection, good manufacturing practices, product quality, and labeling. We remain highly confident in our legal position.”

They probably aren’t too happy that the suit wants them to shell out $5 million over their allegedly “deceitful” practices.  11 plaintiffs in all joined in on the suit, but more could join in as this gain traction in the coming weeks.

Either way, do you think Poland Springs lied about their water?  Or do you think this lawsuit is just another greedy cash grab?

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