Last night’s State of the Union was at times more exciting than true “entertainment” events.  First there’s the anticipation of the doors opening and revealing President Obama.  He came out to huge applause then hugged, kissed and shook hands with everyone in the aisles.  Only thing that was missing was Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'” blaring in the background.  Speaking of Jay-Z, one of those Duck Dynasty ZZ-Top looking dude’s was there… Why? I have no idea.  But the Republicans had a field day lining up to take pictures of him.  I would think tickets to this event would be coveted by people who ARE ACTUALLY PART OF THE GOVERNMENT, but what do I know?  I was a little upset because it would have been awesome to see Honey Boo Boo in the audience as well- but alas, only one reality celebrity at a time.  But there was one government official that certainly stood out amongst all the rest- and she’s one of our own! Connecticut Representative Rosa DeLaura is no stranger to fashion controversy.  She’s been called a hipster by many, many people- (including us… on several occasions- read our hipster diagnosis here) but last night cemented that theory on a national level.


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Many of the people in the crowd wore bright colors to “stand out” (Apparently that’s the thing to do) but the usual color to attract attention to yourself is either red or canary yellow.  Of course, First Lady Michelle Obama is typically the best dressed and she sported a dark green dress last night but alas, she would not be the most focused on for fashion reasons- That award went to Rep. DeLauro.  She clearly marches to a different beat.  It quickly became apparent that the camera would scan the crowd for her because she stood out in an orange leather jacket and red tights.  Her hair matched her bright red tights.  She was also the belle of the ball with all her “whooping” and high-fiving.  Here are some tweets that show the power of DeLauro last night.















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