Happy 3/20 everyone!  As of 12:30pm tomorrow, winter will officially be over.  So, to celebrate, Dairy Queen will have free ice cream all day tomorrow.

However, you might have to eat that ice cream in the cold wet snow.  But, eh, ice cream is ice cream, right?

FOX 61 reports that the chain will serve you up a free vanilla cone all day tomorrow.  However, check with your nearest location to see if they’re a part of Free Cone Day.   If your closest Dairy Queen is in a mall, they won’t have those free cones.

But, this promotion does extend to all of DQ’s Grill & Chill locations.  Also, any franchise outside of a mall should have plenty of free ice cream to dish out.

Or, you know, just click HERE to find the location nearest you.

Also, Dairy Queen will have an option for you to donate what you would have paid for a cone to Children’s Miracle Network hospitals instead.

CMN is a nonprofit organization that helps bridge the funding gaps families might have after taking their kid to a children’s hospital.   They estimate about 16,000 children visit the ER daily.  2,329 of those children will require surgery.

So, you might not have to pay for your Dairy Queen cone tomorrow, but you could help a child in need.

Either way, everyone loves ice cream and, more importantly, free ice cream.

Have fun and load up on all the free soft serve tomorrow!  You definitely earned it after shoveling all that snow.

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