It’s no secret that Aetna wants to leave Connecticut.  But, once they confirmed what we’ve feared for years, Governor Malloy’s first instinct is to blame them?  How is that supposed to help?  Because that’s the antithesis of helping.

It’s “So what if they leave” 2.0.

Yes, Aetna confirmed it’s planning to move its headquarters out of the state.   However, the company swears it’ll keep most of their 5,800 employees in Hartford.  A place they called home for 164 years, by the way.

Like General Electric, Aetna’s been critical of Connecticut’s business and tax climate for years.  Both famously blasted our politicians for failing to get our state’s finances in orders.

However, only one had the gall to pull the trigger and relocate to Boston once our lawmakers put the writing on the wall.

Until now.

And while we supposedly have until early summer until Aetna finalizes its plans, do you think our political would use the time to bargain with one of the state’s largest employers?

Nope.  Dan Malloy used yesterday’s press conference to vent, whine, shake a fist, and blame Aetna for wanting to leave.  To me, he came across as a petulant child that got their favorite toy taken away.

Because, let’s be real, that’s technically what Aetna is.  It’s a tax bastion that our politicians lean on to help fill their evaporating coffers.  It’s the reason why GE left.  And they unabashedly admit just how happy they are with Boston almost every day.

They’ve also admitted that they left because of taxes since the get-go.   It’s pretty obvious that’s probably why Aetna’s looking to jump ship.

But, our Governor had the gall to claim money has nothing to do with them wanting to leave.  He claimed Connecticut’s less expensive than Boston and New York.

Governor Malloy also bemoaned his one-sided negotiations with Aetna.

CT Mirror reports that Malloy attempted to arrange a meeting Aetna’s chairman and chief executive, Mark Bertolini.  But, he supposedly never got one.

Malloy also told the Mirror, “I believe their lack of a direct response speaks volumes about their intentions, at least when it comes to their headquarters.”

Governor Malloy also said the company kept upping their demands.  You know, kinda like the demands Malloy gave to our unions?

Yeah, guess Malloy doesn’t like being on the receiving end, either.

Because, as evidenced by Malloy’s press conference yesterday, he is 50 shades of angry.  However, instead of doing some necessary soul-searching about why Connecticut’s biggest employers are flying the coop, he firmly believes he’s not at fault.

Who wants to bet other companies will follow suit?  And who wants to bet Malloy still won’t admit what’s truly causing this exodus?  I mean, once you lose one of Connecticut’s oldest and biggest companies… it should be a little obvious that maybe the problem isn’t them.

Anyways, here’s Malloy’s press conference if you missed it.  Enjoy the blame game!

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