Hats off to the students of Danbury High School.  They have crowned their first male prom queen… You read that correctly- Nasir Fleming is openly gay and proudly accepted the Prom Queen award this past weekend.  He is the first person in Danbury High School’s history to win the title as a male.

Without getting all corny, I’m really proud of those kids for applauding him as he received his tiara.  I get it.  High School can be an evil place filled with racism, bigotry, and all other kinds of terrible things that were instilled by ignorant parents- But not these kids.  They created a space and cheered him on.

In the YouTube video (that is currently going viral) he says:”Even though I identify as male, winning this title is a statement against transphobia. As gay people, more or less, are becoming accepted in society, transgendered people are still discriminated against severely. If I can win a title that is outside of my gender, there is no reason why a trans-person should have any problems winning titles in his/her gender (Prom Queen, Miss America, etc). Stop the hate, start the love.”

Of course, if you want to be enraged, go ahead and read through the sea of comments below the YouTube video on their site.  Hate lives on- but I’m proud that for one night all of that negativity was blind and they celebrated a good kid that was well liked- and just happens to be gay.


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