Sure, you wouldn’t necessarily call it a daring rescue.  But, it’s super cute.  Either way, Danbury firefighters shined a gigantic ray of sunshine onto our news feeds today.

We definitely need an escape from all the gloom and doom perforating literally every aspect of our media consumption.  So, what’s more therapeutic than little baby ducklings?

Nothing.  Nothing, I tell you.

Newtown Daily Voice says about four little ducklings accidentally fell into a storm drain early in the morning.  Obviously, the mother went absolutely berserk.    Have you seen how protective mother ducks get?  They have no chillWhatsoever.

So, when their babies are in danger, they tend to go haywire.  They also will ask for help when they need it.

And that’s why people called the Danbury Fire Department.  Because the mother wouldn’t stop screaming and crying.  Have you ever heard a duck scream?  Definitely not music to anyone’s ears, I’ll tell you that.

The responding team probably didn’t enjoy the music, either.  Assistant Fire Chief Mark Omasta said firefighters on Engine 22, “were met by a frantic mother duck, who was quacking hysterically for her trapped babies.”

So, Lt. Chip Daly led the careful extraction of the trapped ducklings.  Under his care, firefighters successfully removed the grate and scooped all four babies up.  After making sure the little ones were okay, they reunited them with their mother.

After a few grateful quacks, the mother duck promptly led her babies to Still River for some swim lessons.

Talk about a quick recovery, right?

Anyways, here’s a super cute story to boost your Hump Day morale.

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